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IMG_1542Rolando González
Age: 35
Lives: Durango, Colorado

I’m Rolando González, owner of CRC Janitorial Services, Inc. and an avid cyclist. I started mountain bike racing when I was 15 years old for a team in Costa Rica. The experience allowed me to race throughout North, Central, and South America. When I was 24, I decided to embark on a new experience and to try and make my way in the United States. Starting a new life here put my racing career on hold.

In 2009, I started my own company, seeing the need for a high quality janitorial service in the 4 Corners Region and who better to do it that someone that is passionate about cleaning and excellent customer service. Through much hard work and dreams put on hold I have been able to grow a successful business in Durango, CO and throughout the 4 Corners. In 2012, with my business thriving, I was able to return to a dream put on hold. I began training once again and put together a small team to help others in the area with their racing career as well. We have successfully been racing for the last couple of years throughout the United States, both locally and nationally. As with my business, I look forward to expanding the team and helping the wonderful talent in our region be recognized on a whole new level.


Liz Carrington-1Liz Carrington
Age: 35
Lives: Durango, Colorado
Occupation: Full-time RN at surgical center

I got my first bike as a means of transportation for college in Colorado Springs, CO. At first, it was simply to get around campus, but by my senior year, I was one of the first female members of the Colorado College Cycling Team. I bought a racing road bike, competed in Collegiate Road National Championships, and placed 8th after only 5 months of riding.. From there, I was hooked.

After college, my bike was how I saw the country, and made friends. From 2002 to 2012, I moved around from Vail, Colorado to Atlanta, Georgia (my hometown), to upstate New York, Flagstaff, Arizona, San Diego, and now Durango, Colorado. My moves were initiated by figuring out my career path, but riding and racing bikes was always a close second. On the east coast, I joined a local road racing team, upgraded to Category 2, and competed in some top NRC races, but never had much success. My true love was with mountain biking, riding challenging terrain, and testing the limits on my own body.

I got my pro mountain bike license in 2011, and quickly realized I was more of a diesel engine than a fast-twitch favoring athlete. I struggled in the shorter, traditional cross-country races, but found longer, 6-hour, 12-hour, and 100-mile races were somehow easier (and way more fun!) for me. So I began to seek out long-distance courses, and Leadville 100 became my ultimate testing ground. I have now completed LT100 three years, with a personal best time of 9 hours 15 minutes, and am gunning in 2015 for a top 10 female finish under the 9 hour mark. I am also going to focus on the National Ultra Endurance Series races, 12 Hours of Mesa Verde, and defend my win at the Telluride 100.

Mountain biking has been my way of exploring the country and finding the adventure I crave. There is no greater thrill to me than to go to a new place around the west and spend the day high on a mountain singletrack taking in the views and challenging my body to go as far as possible. I feel so blessed to be living in Colorado where I can keep pushing the limits and find new trails and adventures around every corner. I am excited to be part of CRC-Janitorial/Cannondale, a local Durango team, and have the support of great teammates and sponsors. I am looking forward to another fun and successful year of travels and challenging races.

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